Ferret zooming

Are you tired of the same ol’ virtual meeting?  Let Sunset Zoo help you bring something new to your regularly scheduled, virtual staff meeting, or let us help you engage your customers in a unique way.


Invite Sunset Zoo’s ferrets, Boomer, Bandit, and Peaches, to Zoombomb your virtual meetings and events.  This lively trio is always up to no good, and their antics are bound to bring smiles to those in attendance.  We can join most times of the day, and the experience can last however long you want up to 30-minutes.

During your FerretZooming session, Sunset Zoo will connect to your meeting with two different views of our ferrets playing.  You will get an overhead view to see everything they are doing, and a side view for the possible up close view of ferret noses!  You send us the meeting link, and we’ll join.  Our audio will be muted, for a fun, lighthearted visual-only Zoombombing experience.  One week advanced notice required.


  • FerretZooming - $40 (No Limit on Participants)

Fees are due upon scheduling, and one week advance notice required.  To schedule one of these programs, contact Sunset Zoo by emailing sunsetzoo@cityofmhk.com.