Pollinator Week Celebration Page

Pollinator Week image

Celebrate Pollinator Week with us! Sunset Zoo will share many activities that you can do yourself and some activities we will host in-person to learn more about pollinators!

We will have a full week of activities, including:

* ALL WEEK - Pollinator Plant of the Day

* ALL WEEK - A Bioblitz Challenge on the iNaturalist App - https:/www.inaturalist.org/projects/pollinator-week-around-mhk

* ALL WEEK - Explore Pollinator Pockets all around Manhattan! Check out this page for all locations: https://www.mhkprd.com/508/Pollinator-Pockets-Locations

* FRIDAY, JUNE 25 - Join us for Pollinator Enrichment Day at Sunset Zoo - Friday, June 25 - We will host a storytime in the morning for kids and families, and come see the animals with pollinator "toys" in their habitats!

* SATURDAY, JUNE 26 Join the Master Gardners KSU Garden Tour! The Tour is a free-will donation, and hours of the tour and locations are listed here: https://www.riley.k-state.edu/

* SUNDAY, JUNE 27 Join Sunset Zoo on Sunday, June 27, as we will guide you on a Pollinator Tour of Sunset Zoo, and the Master Gardeners will also host an education booth at the Zoo!